Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~~ The Barn Girls~~

Here we are in one of our favorite places...Lake City, Co at Camp Redcloud!  

Meet Gloria, but all her friends call her Glo. Her true passion is teaching children which she still does during the day..in fact, she has been at it for over 30 years. I'm excited to say that my daughter will be in her class this year, how cool is that? She is a great blessing to me and very supportive at the barn...she spends her nights and weekends with me in the barn as together we attempt to make the barn looks it's best. She excels at many things, cooking is one of them...I have yet to get a handle on all her delicious bread recipes, but one of these days... Glo enjoys the people side of the business best, she will love to chat with you, encourage you and help you in anyway. If you haven't met her yet, look for her at the next sale...you'll be so glad you did!

Meet me, Jodi. I'm the one who dreams big, has a small pocketbook and thinks my husband can fix anything I drag home.(because he can!) I've done lots of things over the past few years, starting with working in small town retail, painted t-shirts, trained in management/buying after college by JCPenney, started camp retail stores for Pine Cove, had a booth at Canton, TX and now working on 3 barn sales a year. I love being able to be a stay at home wife and mom and also having a business that provides a little extra for our family. I love old things that have a past, oh the stories they could tell. I also enjoy the creative side of the business which includes buying, display, pricing, and selling unique and quality items to folks like you. I also help people use these items to transform their houses into homes. It is my goal to provide reasonably priced furnishing and to display them in a way that is new and interesting. The barn sales continually challenge me to display and use old things in new ways, and to provide you the buyer with well-priced, quality items to use in your homes or businesses. With 3 sales per year, there is always one right around the corner! One of my greatest accomplishments is when customers turn into friends! I hope you'll be one of my friends soon!

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  1. Love the new blog!! Thanks for following while I was in Africa...I loved knowing I could "report back" and people were actually reading. It truly has changed my life! Maybe one day we can head up a 'painter's trip' to somewhere! Looks like you've become quite the painter!!


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