Monday, August 1, 2011

How we started...


Well, it all started a few years ago, when I got a brainstorm, or should I say “barn” storm after reading an article in a decorative magazine about a woman who held several sales over the year in an old barn on her property. I had just sold my canton business and my entire inventory due to the birth of my precious daughter, but I got excited anyway. Selling antiques in a barn…a couple of times of year sounded fun to me! I got my sweet mom involved; we started buying vintage and antique items and planned for a sale. But, guess what we didn’t have a barn! Just a minor problem, but in a way only God could plan, He provided the perfect barn, but that is an entirely different story. Now we were set! We had our first sale on a very cold weekend in March 2006…those of you who have been shopping with us since the beginning remember how cold it was! We survived and the Gresham Barn Sale has been going three times a year since then. Our sale was first limited to the barn, but now we have expanded to include a large tent and lots of goodies outside as well. We sell vintage, antiques and funky junk treasures that are carefully arranged in a cheery setting. What started with just my mom and I has now branched out to include the entire family. They are all involved in different ways and we greatly appreciate their love, labor and support! We ARE in the business of making friends, not just a dollar. So, load up your friends and come shop with us…check the dates, there is bound to be a sale coming up soon!
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