Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rebecca in RED!

This is a "re-run" post from our old blog, but since Christmas is around the corner, I thought you might like to see the ways she used "vintage" around her home! (and I'm super busy at the barn!)

Rebecca in RED ( day #2)

Okay, now to my favorite part! All her red....I do love red, it is such a fun color and instantly adds punch to any room! Enjoy!
This is Rebecca's island in her kitchen...It's a vintage store display, but perfect as an island also! It's a fabulous way to display all your seasonal treasures without having to dust them and you can serve off the top for parties also! She says this gets used ALL the time!

Fun vintage Christmas in the kitchen!

I love picnic baskets, they are wonderful for storage and hiding all those magazines or things you want to keep but not show....She has the best collection I have ever seen!

Game anyone?

Love the plaid displays also! And did you notice the fabric on her ceiling...? Clever huh?

Red lockers, need i say more?

More plaid....
Fun, vintage store displays hanging from her ceiling....one of her favorites!

Rebecca also has a many chandelier's hanging around her house with lots of items hanging from them...I thought the salt and pepper shakers were pretty cool!

Here's the close up shot!
Hope her "red" brightened your day!
I just found out she decorates for weddings also! Truly she is a women of many talents!

The Fall barn sale is just 6 weeks away....Yeah!
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