Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pre-order your cookies!

Pre-order these cookies in dozens and pick them up at the barn sale!
Pumpkins & Scarecrows

Acorns & Footballs

Cupcakes & Flowers

Cookies by Cookie Crumbs Yum

Cost : $30 per dozen

You know how good these are!
Does this ever happen to you? You get to the barn sale and want to buy a dozen pumpkin cookies for your children's teachers, football players, Halloween parties, etc. and we are all sold out? Now you can pre-order these 6 cookie choices in dozens and we will have them ready for you to pick them up at the barn. Here's how:
1. Choose your style
2. Decide how many dozen per style you need (You can pick color on cupcake/flower!)
3. Email Jodi at
4. In the email tell me your name, which cookie, how many dozen and give me your phone number.
5. You will get a confirmation email back from me.
6. Your cookies will be waiting for you at the barn. Cookies must be picked up either Wednesday night or all day on Thursday. If they are not picked up by Thursday, we will sell them to other customers. 
Depending on how well this works we'll be adding other styles for the holidays!

7. All pre-orders must be placed by Friday, Oct. 7th!

8. And if you just a need a cookie or two, we'll have our regular variety at the barn for you too!

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