Monday, October 17, 2011

Stories from the Barn...

Our best sale and donations yet, THANKS to you!

Don't we have the sweetest, most helpful, all around wonderful gals who help us? We are blessed beyond measure!
Well, these 2 fun gals found us via the Rose Festival and we were sure glad! They are just as much fun as they look! It's always more fun to shop with girlfriends!

 Look at this festive cutie! Now she is ready for fall! Hair and all - that's one creative mama!

Pumpkins in the house!

But I saved my favorite story for last...It goes like this. We had 2 tackle boxes for sale under the tent and those boxes were full of all things fishing...not anything really great by my standards, but very exciting to any young fisherman. Well, my friend Ann's sons had been admiring those boxes, (they were the young gentlemen at the Lemonade stand) since the beginning of the sale and had planned to purchase them with their lemonade tips. However, an older gentleman purchased both of the boxes right before they got to the barn with their dollars on Friday...they saw the boxes were gone, and were just a little disappointed. The older gentlemen must have seen their faces, but life is full of letting go of expectations right?

Well, one of Ann's sons came out to the barn on Saturday and had to entertaining himself while we were working. About noon, I looked up from the register and there stood the older gentlemen from yesterday with one of the fishing boxes in his hand. He looked at me and said, I have this box and I want to give it to the young boy who was here yesterday. Well, that boy was quickly summoned and was stunned to say the least. I'm sure he said thank-you and you couldn't wipe the grin of his face for the rest of the day. My favorite part is the older man said to the boy, " You never how things will turn out, so keep your faith." WOW! Talk about a life lesson learned! He had also replaced some of the items with newer, better items than were in the box before. Does this boy look proud and happy to you?

The kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me! You never know how things will turn looked pretty bad to me on wednesday morning, and yet by 2 it was sunshine and blue skies! We hope the barn blessed you in some way too!

Stay tuned for the chocolate chip cookie's coming soon!
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  1. Love it - what a kind soul! So glad the sale was a huge success!

  2. Such fun stories! No wonder this is the world's favorite barn sale!

  3. My son is still grinning from ear to ear and continues to re-tell the story over and over! We were blessed in so many ways during the course of the sale. And yes, it IS the world's best barn sale!!


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