Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 Have you heard of this store? I had and I was dying to check it out, so on a recent trip to Dallas, my husband and I went to see what it was all about! I was really hunting for some new rugs for my home and again, I had heard that this was a great place to buy some. Let's just say, I didn't come home with any. They had some nice ones and some really good buys if you liked the color peach, but they were not what I wanted. I did snap some pictures of their painted furniture...I'm always in the market for new ideas, so I thought you might be too!

 I know, we all love the color on this one....

 British anyone? A while back Miss Mustard Seed painted an old piece similar to this one on her blog...hers was much better....
 Cool and busy!

 I really liked this rack, all the colors where great!

The Dump is an interesting place, check it out if you get a chance! 
 I'm always inspired by the big city, but very thankful I live in a small one!

~~ The small town girl
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Using Vintage!

Don't you love it when you see people actually using vintage items in their homes or lives in some way? Sometimes, I'll admit, I get a little bored with perfect styled homes, wonderful arrangements and lives that look harmonious! I'll tell you why too, because that is not REAL life! Real life is messy, crazy, and complicated and rarely picture perfect! Okay, now that I got that out of my system, I wanted to share what 2 sweet young girls did with some of their VINTAGE finds from the barn.... Now you know, I live in Texas, and we LOVE our football and we wear giant corsages called MUMS to homecoming games, right? This is to show our school spirit and to celebrate the day! Take a look at these mums and how they used vintage items in a whole new way!

 They used VINTAGE scrabble letters, buttons, white game tiles, ribbon, sheet music, French papers, skeleton keys, jewelry pieces from grandmothers, lace...

To make their custom, original mums...
 Darling, right? I hear they were the talk of the school too!
 I'm sure they will be saving these for a while!

It's fun to dream up a project, complete it and then to share it with a friend, even better!

Thanks for sharing in your fun, Caitie and Chloe! You both inspire me!
Thankful for the next generation to appreciate the past with us too!


PS. Our football team is still alive in the play offs! Go GCS!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Winner of 2 TURKEYS!

First of all, let me say I'm behind! (no surprise!) I was supposed to announce the winner of the cute Turkey Burlee yesterday, but Walmart, the barn, out of town family coming, making dinner...all that came first. I thought you really wouldn't mind...BUT I do have 2 turkeys for the winner...the precious one I showed you before and a VINTAGE turkey planter! I have to tell you that I really like vintage turkeys...I have a few of them, so this one was a little hard to part with, but I hope the winner enjoys it!

Speaking of the winner, It is Tanna, from Brick Street Bungalow! She was the first to comment, so she is the winner of these 2 turkeys....Tanna, I think you are a local gal, so drop me a line with you address and I'll bring them over to you! You can enjoy them this week for sure! Be sure to check out Tanna's blog here also! Tanna, here is what you won! And by the way, all your side dishes sounded wonderful! YUM!!!

 Love these turkey planters...you can put lots of other things beside plants in them too!

And this cute guy too!
Well, I'm busy wrapping up the Christmas in the Country sale (pictures soon!), and just enjoying getting to slow down some! I'm going to enjoy cooking, games, conversations, maybe some shopping, and napping is  on the list for sure! I'm wishing you all a restful, thankful week!

 ~~ Jodi
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sale day @ the barn!

Saturday is the last day of our Christmas sale and SALE day! A lot of items in the barn and tent are 25% off tomorrow! There are still lots of great items left! Bargains for sure tomorrow! Handmade is still selling strong and there is a good selection of gifts also...so drive on out, we won't tell how many times you have been there already! (smile!)

Remember we have a giveaway going on too....read the post below and leave a comment to win the turkey!!!

See you tomorrow,
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey Giveaway Time!

We had 75 friends join along with us on our blog journey, so we are ready for this turkey to find a new home! Please leave me a comment telling me your favorite side dish to turkey! I'm also adding a surprise VINTAGE turkey to the giveaway also...double the fun! This giveaway is open til Saturday night, NOV. 19th!

Now, to the Christmas sale...it's going on for the next 3 days 8-5 at the barn! It looks like Christmas and feels like Christmas today! Bundle up and come on out....fun shopping and treasures await!

From the barn,

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas in the Country starts TODAY!!!!

We made it! Two sales in one month!
The Barn is ready....

 Vintage General is ready...

 Handmade is ready....
For YOU!!!!

Preview Party starts today @ 4 til 7pm!

REMEMBER cash or checks only!
Open Thursday - Saturday 8 to 5 daily!

Get your Merry on! We'll see you tonight!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New at the barn!

Okay, this is the sale that the small items seem to take over as we spread out the Christmas decor, but we have added some new pieces of furniture! I'm going to point some of those out in these pictures...It's still not all "fluffed" quite yet, but it will be by tomorrow! And we'll be looking for you!!!

 We have a pair of these fab chairs!

 French style dresser, buffet or whatever you want to use it for...lots of storage!
 Farmhouse Oak table!
 Great white hutch!
 Cute brown cabinet!
 New red and green pieces!
 Great wood table, add casters and use as kitchen island...
 Large dresser...nice as it is...could be painted!
Another dresser, has matching bed...Chalk paint anyone?

The Jesus Tree is ready!

And these just make me happy!

See you all this week! REMEMBER, We only take good checks and cash at the barn!



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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Handmade X 2!

Today I'm showing you a mother daughter team where creativity clearly runs in the family! Bobbi and Christie have lots of talent, so sit back and take a peek at what they have been up to!
 Bobbie loves to sew and she is bringing these adorable doll clothes. She has all sorts of combinations! These clothes are designed for American Girl dolls or any 18" doll. Look at all the details she adds!
 This girl is very fashionable...I think I might need some tips!
 Can't you see your little girls LOVING this one?
 It looks like there will be plenty to choose from....

These clothes even have matching jewelry! Don't you wish you could be little again and just play dolls? I can see hours of fun ahead!
Next up is Christie and if you are local you know her as the Stamp Shack Lady! Christie blogs about her business here, so check her out! Here are some items headed to the barn!

 Flower pins!
Hand dyed wool flowers, hats....
Cuff bracelets...

Fun stuff right? We're almost ready for you! The barn and tent are packed once more! 

Just 3 more followers before the turkey gets a new home, so follow along on our journey with us!

Soon, Soon, Soon!

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