Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Finds!!!

It's back!

Love the crate, graphics, and bottles....

Fun, LARGE school desk...would make a great end/bedside table!

Oh, color! How I love thee!

This vintage microscope is really would look great mixed in a bookshelf!

My Favorite! Metal petal car, minus the wheels...Don't you think it would be a cool planter? I can also see it on top of a hutch....It would be a great start to a vintage display!

 Smalls...frames, sweet little leather book, mirror
oil can with a great "look"


You know I love these.... What about a wall full???

And, speaking of time...Our Spring Sale dates have been set!

Mark your CALENDARS, circle it in RED, Call your GIRLFRIENDS
 and plan a trip because...
  This is the sale YOU DON'T want to MISS!

April 18th 
Early shopping...times to be posted later!
April 19, 20, 21

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  1. What awesome finds! Love the soda crates and the soda bottles and the Vintage pedal car! Yes, that would look awesome as a planter!


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