Thursday, January 26, 2012

Modern Vintage (you're going to LOVE it!)

What happens when a  modern industrial look meets up with warm, artistic personally? Magic, I think!
Kick off your shoes, grab some coffee and take a peek at a 3 rooms in my new friends' home...

This is their "formal" dining room...It's a far cry from grandma's parlor, but still feels elegant and personal.
My friend has a great eye for mixing industrial pieces with art and grounding them with some traditional elements to anchor the rooms.... love the dog!
One-of-a kind light fixture or sculpture....
This is a traditional piece, but looks fresh and new with pottery and art mixed in...
She also got in her collections of lambs...
She got super creative and sentimental with her table...all family pictures in black and white...She used different shapes and sizes for interest and sealed it so it is "user friendly."
Brown and white organized collection!
Now we are moving into the living space...Are you drooling over the green metal table??? I was! She thought it might have been used in hospitals because the top pieces can be angled and adjusted. Any thoughts on what it is? Have you ever seen one???
Trophies... **sigh**
You can see the divided top here!
I also loved that green bench...all original and good magazine and I would be "stuck" here all day!
Mantle with shutters ...she has more plans for the metal rounds...stands maybe?
I really like how she mixed in jars, collections and a lot of magazines in this metal cabinet... Those are silver baby cups in the large jar!
TV on a clean, modern stand...and a planter (seeder) standing up against the wall...did I mention she just had her room painted and didn't have it all looking quite the way she wanted yet? I think it looks terrific!
This was my favorite...the entry way to her home!
All handpainted by her talented little self!!! The walls are dimensional too...She applied vintage flowers and
butterfly brooches to the wall! Darling....
I was so impressed....hand painted anything is so much work! And then the flowers and butterflies too!
I took lots of can see I loved it!
 A close up view.
one more...
Isn't fun to see real homes? Where real people live? Un-staged and perfect!

What did you think? What was your favorite part? I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, I'll see you soon!

~ Jodi
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