Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snaps from the Barn!

Yep, I was working at the barn today....I had to really, this weather! It is too awesome not to enjoy! You and I both know those wet, cold, stay in your pj's days are coming to Texas soon, so outside I went! ( I  also am still packing up all those Christmas treasures at the barn too!) But, of course, I've been shopping some also, you know I have! So, here's the warning: No staging, no cleaning...lots of dust, BUT maybe a few things to peek your interest....

 Industrial goodness! This is my favorite find so far this year! I know, it's just a giant ladder, but, OH, the display possibilities are endless...AND if some one doesn't buy it at the Spring sale, my darling brothers assured me they had the perfect spot at the deer lease for it! So, I hope you beat them to it!
 It's just way cool!

 An un-priced mess of Vintage...
 Darling children's chairs...
 Wooden table with wonderful blue paint, need I say more?
 I love these racks too...This one is a vintage shoe display rack, but I used to use them for selling t-shirts when I worked for a local camp. They have great wheels, and I love the size of this one too! You can also get a peek at that gigantic sign in the background...I'll show it to you soon, but it really does need to have a date with a power washer first!
Just one more shot... Okay, that's enough ( for now!)

From the barn, 
Jodi :)

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  1. LOVE the metal ladder - on wheels no less - way too good for the deer lease!


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