Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Finds and B & A!

Okay, so I combined 2 things today...Some fun finds with Before and Afters...Oh well, Just trying to multi-task this week I guess! Ya'll know it's Friday already! Where did the week go??? Anyway, I had bought AS Chalk Paint in Paris Grey, but had yet to try it out...well, I think I'm in love with it! I really don't like grey as a color (I know I'm in the minority on this!), but if it is disguised as a neutral then I'm OK with it! See what you think???

I do love it pared with yellow! Do you see the yellow paint peeking thru?

Here's the reason...the "befores"...You mean you like that yellow and orange? C'mon now!

 Love the mirror transformed and brought back to life!

 Before - Just FYI, mirrors are hard to take good pictures, I apologize...I'm sure there is a trick, but I haven't found it yet!

Here's my favorite...saved it for last!

A worn-out paper towel holder...

Re-invented to hold ribbons...

 It does have a large dowel, so you might have to remove the ribbon "sides"....

Much better, right????

Hope your weekend is looking up!

Til next time, Jodi

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  1. Good job on those frames and repurposed paper towel holder. I love AS Paris Grey.

  2. ps: following you and am putting a link back on my blog so I can visit again.


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