Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Mom & Me" Journal

 I found this idea via pinterest a while back (seems like that is where lots of new ideas come from these days) and I immediately loved it! The idea is to write back and forth to your daughter or son about whatever is on your mind. You remember when we had pen pals from across the country and you would ask them questions and mail letters back and forth? Well, the idea is the same without the cost of postage (yeah!) My daughter is in 2nd grade and is just the right age to begin writing and communicating in this way, so yesterday we made " our version.

 I told her about the journal and got her help on the art...I wanted her to be involved right from the beginning!
You can buy these notebooks at walmart for around a $1. You can print the cute label that Mama Jenn used here or you can just use 3 X 5 notecards and make your own. I put it in her room after I had written in it and then she put it back in mine after she wrote back. Some day I may hide it, or tuck a surprise inside it. I want to keep her interested and suspenseful too. This is a almost a "no cost" project that I will TREASURE for years to come. I know these "talkative" days will not last forever, she'll be a "know it all" teenager soon....as a mom, I want to keep those conversations going...This is a way to be intentional about  investing now.

We started yesterday. My prayer is that we never stop.

Valentines Day is coming up..this would be a great time to start. Join us!

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  1. luv it! so using it, my son is just learning to spell sight words but i always taught him to draw pictures to "write" what he wanted to say when he was younger. so now he does a combo of the two, it would be great to chronicle that!
    ps. i got the love angel check out my newest post to see where i put it!


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