Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Monday & Winner!

It's Monday, and I've got lots of irons in the fire! Can anyone relate???? I KNOW you can!

 Just sharing a sweet button project that was super quick and easy... I found this wonderful round tray with the Rhinestones inset on it.  Do you see them? Well, it also had some rhinestones on the edge also, but some were I glued buttons on instead.

I just used a jewelry glue purchased at Hobby Lobby. The hardest part was trying to "unstick" my fingers!
      I think it turned out fun and would look pretty hanging on a wall like a mirror instead of just as a tray!

I also delivered another batch of scrabble names....these were sweet gifts for a 38th High School reunion!

I also have a winner from last week's Valentines Giveaway:

Congratulations to the Winner!
Love the Vintage goodies. Especially the vintage letters. The valentine is beautiful, I have never seen one like that.

Congrats Sandi!& Happy Monday!

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