Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Tour of Homes ( Part #1)

I love taking pictures when I'm out and about and sharing them with you all! A few weeks ago I went on a fun girls day which included a 3 home tours, antiquing and food of course! It all started when one of my sweet friends from the barn invited me out to "her neck of the woods" for a visit. She had the day all planned out and I'm excited to share that day with you all!
Get your coffee, sit back and come along with us!

Part #1 Home of Rex and Glendale's "Cabin in the Country"
 Don't you love it? Farmhouse Hospitality right away!
 Welcome to Glendale Drive...
 I honestly didn't know where to start taking pictures....there was just so much to see!

 Loved this cabinet...
 Among many collections are dog and quail pictures...

 Look at the spool door knob!

 "If she has one, she has 20!" That was just one of the sayings of the day!
 Valentines were everywhere...

She had a beautiful cabinet to display her many quilts in...

 When I asked her what was her favorite collection she said these...Movie star pictures from earlier years...
 She told me after she and friend would see a movie, they would send a penny postcard to the actors telling them how much they liked the show...The stars would send them a picture and letters back....
 She had a great collection of them...I can see why they are one of her "treasures"!

 These lamps are made from rolling pin parts! Kneed light?
 The view from the front door...I told you! Where to look first?
 Loved the hankies too...

 Record decor ideas here!
I know, we all wanted the table....*sigh*!!!!
 This is her seasonal display area...(one of them!)

 Friends... one of God's greatest gifts for sure!

 Red and white ** LOVE**

 This valentine was exquisite!
 Good use for those Tom's racks!
 Can you see this LONG broom? It was used for cleaning high ceilings and walls in older homes with tall ceilings!
 She bought the green basket from the barn and had an arrangement made for it! I love the oval frame laid around the bottom also!
 Eye candy EVERYWHERE!

 Remember, if she likes it she collects it!
I enjoyed this curved stone fire place...
 She changes the painting with the seasons and always matches the decor with the painting scene...it really give the mantle a 3-D effect! Cool!!!!

 Don't you love this? A child's swing used as a side table? Darling...
 She is ahead of her time too! This project of a bike wheel picture holder is in the latest issue of Flea Market Style! Way to set the trend Glendale!
I always learn something on these tours! Did you know this is how they used to heat curling irons? In the lamps? We've come along way girls!!!
 I spied another barn purchase...this postcard rack used to display valentines!
 Love these biscuit cutters...used as door decor.
 Red was everywhere....That's her favorite color!

 Here we are...I could have stayed all day! Their stories, warmth, hospitality...it was such a treat for us all!
 A view from the front of the cabin....
Are you ready to pull up a chair? 
Did you gain some new ideas, or want to start a new collection? Isn't is fun to see how real people love vintage items and use them in their homes? Of all their items, their love for each other and family was their greatest possession! 

Stop back by for 2 more, real-life homes as the tour continues....
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  1. Wow! What a treat! I loved her collection of quilts and that red door was darling!


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