Monday, March 26, 2012

~Before and After~

 Love the details on this piece....
 It's a big, beautiful trunk....
But there were some spots on the top of the wood that made it a great candidate for Chalk Paint...
What do you think of her now?  2 shades of Paris Grey and Old White and she's all new again!

Now, back to more projects in progress!

Happy Monday!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

*Decorating on a Dime! *

Have you ever been asked to help decorate an event for a non-profit organization? You know, where all the proceeds from the event help fund the cause... Well, this was me recently... I was asked to help with a dinner hosted by our fabulous Christian school to raise $ for scholarships...
This was the mission: to create a causal, fun, family-friendly atmosphere to set the mood for the event!
 (just137 tables if you are counting...)
This is what we did.... ( I had LOTS of terrific hands!)
First we cut garden burlap and laid in over a white paper tablecloth, then we put a different game board in the center of the table (lots were donated) and spread out the game pieces near the board.
 Then, we added 2 domino's (donated) made out of 2X4's which were made by a local HS shop class.
 To give height and get the number on each table, we started with a mason jar filled with sand (donated), purchased dowels and bakery cake boards (sprayed one side black) and put them together with a coat hanger wire...( yes, my amazing husband figured that out!) We added some twine to the top of jar also.
 Every table looked a little different, but all were unified by burlap, jar combo and domino's....

This was one of my favorites using all large and small domino's.

 The table numbers were on both sides, but one side we painted black (the gold side) and we used black marker on the cardboard side and then we tried to alternate cardboard and black circles across the room...
 It was a Mexican dinner so there was also chips in the table and salsa at each plate, plus the dessert...

We added candy and had a laughy taffy at each plate also... 

We had a fun night, LAUGHED a lot, and raised some cash for our scholarship program as well!

I learned that every dime counts when decorating for non-profits, so plan ahead and be flexible!
We had many items donated which helped tremendously with the cost, our school families helped by sending jars and game pieces to school, businesses help with sand and wire hangers and giving us discounts on what we needed to purchase...and only God can multiply the burlap so that we had a enough for 12 extra tables and even the drink tables when we purchased only enough for 125 tables!

Now, on to the barn sale, it's less than 1 month way!

Check back often from posts from the barn, sneak peaks, more about our donation organizations, and a post coming up soon about all the new times and hours at the barn!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Helping Hand!

My friend called...she needed just a little help...they had just changed houses and she wanted to create a wall that showed all her special things from all the women in her life. She wanted to honor her grandmother and mother before her and her daughters now and hopefully grand daughters to come...
We started with this...a blank blue wall!
 She had this great dark vanity that was our anchor point, then we added 2 wooden shelves and sweet little
curio cabinet all purchased from Hobby Lobby!
 It's a good looking piece! Then we filled it up with all her favorite pieces....
baby shoes, her grandmother's jewelry, vintage buttons...
 We worked in lots of pictures in color and black & white!
And when we were done,
I think all the women were pleased!

A pretty, honoring and useful spot was created!

Now, we are getting close to 100 followers...and I just figured out what my giveaway will be and it's going to be very numerous! That's your hint for today anyway!!!!
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And on another note, the SpRiNg SaLe is just 5 weeks away!!!!!

You are excited and I'm getting panicked, but it will all work out, it always does!
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Monday, March 12, 2012

~Southern Charm Cottage~

I have to say a big....

to Southern Charm Cottage! I was DELIGHTED to win her 100th follower
It consisted of 3 tea towels..almost too cute to use!
2 tin chalkboard signs...These will work great in the barn for pricing signs!

This wonderful smelling candle from Park Hill called 
Southern Charm (of course!) 
How did she find a candle with her blog name on it? I'm impressed for sure!
And her darling business card! Stephanie, you made my day WEEK!

If you haven't gotten to know Stephanie, please check out her blog here and drop her a line!

You'll be so glad you did!

Now, I'm off to light my new candle and read my new magazine that arrived in the mail....

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Friday, March 9, 2012

**Fav Friday Find(S)**

Lots of fun smalls to show you today!
 A picture is worth 10,000 words, well, maybe not my pictures, but I will let them speak for themselves....

 My favorite!...This metal basket! Imagine flowers in mason jars...sea shells in sand... candles in rice...the possibilities are so fun....
Okay, so had a few more words in me!
 That's the fun thing about the barn...I get to buy so many different "looks" that I am sure we'll have something you will love!

Speaking of love, I would love to get to 100+  followers soon, so follow along please!!
The giveaway at 100 will be BIG!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alley Cats ~ Anitques & Gifts~

One more post from our girls day out...I do like to stretch out a fun day!
Judy took us to one of her favorite Antique stores called Alley Cats! When you see the pictures, it might be your new favorite store too!

 This was the piece I wanted...a coat rack from a school or church, but no room in the inn!
This trophy did go home with me for a special client who was looking to start her collection! Every now and then I do some personalized shopping for people and this was one of those great finds that she was very pleased to get!

213 E. Main Street
Kilgore, TX 75662

Check them out for an eclectic mix of wonderfulness!
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