Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Helping Hand!

My friend called...she needed just a little help...they had just changed houses and she wanted to create a wall that showed all her special things from all the women in her life. She wanted to honor her grandmother and mother before her and her daughters now and hopefully grand daughters to come...
We started with this...a blank blue wall!
 She had this great dark vanity that was our anchor point, then we added 2 wooden shelves and sweet little
curio cabinet all purchased from Hobby Lobby!
 It's a good looking piece! Then we filled it up with all her favorite pieces....
baby shoes, her grandmother's jewelry, vintage buttons...
 We worked in lots of pictures in color and black & white!
And when we were done,
I think all the women were pleased!

A pretty, honoring and useful spot was created!

Now, we are getting close to 100 followers...and I just figured out what my giveaway will be and it's going to be very numerous! That's your hint for today anyway!!!!
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And on another note, the SpRiNg SaLe is just 5 weeks away!!!!!

You are excited and I'm getting panicked, but it will all work out, it always does!
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