Monday, March 5, 2012

The Tour ( part #3)

I know, Ya'll  though I forgotten...But no, really just saving the best for last!
You have heard it said that a friend is a gift you give yourself, and that is a great way to describe my precious friend Judy! She gives, gives and gives some more...this is her house you will see today!

 She has a great love for family as you will see...
 and fun...
 She won the title of "Miss Peanut" in her home town, so the Mr. Peanut is kinda special!
 She shares her love of red with Glendale...It is such a great color!

 Lockers on the porch!
 Hymnal racks...
 Sheet music banner...LOVE
I know you recognize those wire trees from the barn!

 Can you see what she is using for her utensils? Clever!

 A great piece restored by her hubby!
 Family pictures...precious!

Shopping anyone?

 Vintage everywhere you look...

 Her wedding corner...
 I told you, she is darling!

 Her barbie clothes...
 Jewels and Gems

 Special family pieces preserved for the next generation....

 Her own creative space!!!

I met Judy and Cassie one HOT day at canton...we shared a picnic table and introduced ourselves over lunch...I told her about the barn, she said she would come...Come she did and brought some friends too...then she said I love to bake, how about I bake some pies for you to sell and donate the $ to your charity! Hum, YES!!! Then she said how about some chocolate chip cookies, could you use those? Oh yeah!
If you have been coming to the barn in the last few years, you too have been blessed by her yummy creations!

Thanks Judy, for opening your home and heart, for always lending a helping hand, most of all your sweet friendship! You are a blessing and gift from Him to me!

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