Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Barn "Recovery" Mode...

Yes, back to grocery shopping, laundry, packing lunches, and all that other fun stuff that moms do...But we had a great sale thanks to all of you! Here's a few pictures....then, back to laundry for me!

We couldn't have done the sale without these ladies...You all are/were the hands and feet of Christ for us!

Ps. Most of these things shown sold, but you can always ask...I hope to have a current inventory list with pictures up soon! Pin It


  1. oh i wish i culda come! but alas i wasnt able, i was wondering if the yellow flower thing in the first pix is available and if so how much? it is so cute! or my google acct. i check both thanks!

  2. Look how cute you all are in your t-shirts!


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