Monday, May 28, 2012

More for sale!

Have a seat..this is a long post! Lots of neat pieces for sale!
This library table is painted in a great lively green, it has one drawer and a book rest on the bottom! It would make a super desk or sofa table...lots of uses for this one!
Fun Green Library Table
Height: 30"
Length: 42"
Width: 26"
Price: $175  
 This is a very nice French style wooden Hutch...It has screened in door panels, lots of drawer spaces and is in 2 pieces for easy moving! Great this way, but wonderful to paint also!
 Close up of the top...
And the bottom...great details, wonderful shape!
French Cabinet Hutch
Height: 6'
Length: 41.5"
Depth: 18"
Price: $425
I love this barn door turned has an original red barn door with a black base and legs... It is nice to use as dining or craft would also look great on the back porch! Notice how long it is!
Barn Door Table
Height: 30"
Length: 7' 4"
depth: 22"
Price: $350
* The bench has been sold.
 French style buffet or chest of drawers, however you want to use it would be fine! I personally think it would look classy under a flat screen tv. It is in nice shape and has pretty wood on the top and drawers!
French Drawers
Height: 34"
Length: 4'1"
Width: 2'
Price: $295

These plate racks are difficult to find and this oak one is simple with nice clean lines and cup hooks!
Oak Plate Rack
Height: 28"
Length: 44"
Width; 4.5"
Price: $175
 This oak pedestal table comes with one leaf, but more could be added. This price is for the table only. It is a solid table with a pretty base also!
Here's a better few of the top! This is a perfect table for 4, but could sit 6 also.
Oak Pedestal Table
Height: 30"
Length: 54" (with leaf)
Leaf is 11.5"
Width: 42"
Price: $ 325
 This is a fabulous part of Americana...a wooden tool trunk called a Victory Chest because of our success in WWII. The folks painted their trunks in red, white and blue as a symbol of victory in war!
The inside is painted also and comes with 2 wooden tool boxes also! This is a true antique!
Victory Trunk
Height: 18"
Width: 26"
Length: 41"
Price: $350
 This is such a fun piece...An oak wash stand with 2 drawers and room for 2 wash basins and pitchers. There is also a towel holder on both sides of the piece! The pictures don't do this piece justice!
Here you can see the towel holders!
Oak Washstand
Height: 39"
Length: 41"
Width: 20"
Price: $395
 I really like this red one time it was a pull out bed, but has since been upholstered shut. It is a solid ( heavy!) has pretty detailing and in good shape...imagine it with some great new fabric!
Here's a closeup of the side trim.
Red Bench
Height: 30"
Length: 6.5"
Width: 27"
Price: $295 
 Grey linen trunk or hope chest! I painted this with chalk paint in Paris Grey and Old White...
 It is cedar lined...very nice quality!
Here's a closeup of the great details...
Grey Hope Chest
Height: 22"
Length: 45"
Depth: 20"
Price: $245
 Here's a darling grey and white nightstand...3 drawers for bonus storage with glass knobs!
Pretty details on this piece as well! This is a solid, sturdy piece of furniture and grey is the "new neutral!"
Grey & White Nightstand
Height: 27"
Length: 26"
Width: 18"
Price: $ 145 

Whew! That's all for today...any questions? Please email me here!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Luggage Cart Coffee Tables

We love these authentic, vintage, industrial luggage carts! They look fabulous as coffee tables in your house or on a covered deck! We have 3 in stock for sale now!
The bottoms have all been re-painted in black rustoleum paint, the tops made out of pine and poplar wood, stained, then sealed with 3 coats of oil base polyurethane. 

 Lots of pictures and angles...

Industrial Luggage Coffee Tables
Height: 16"
Length: 5 Ft
Depth: 30"
Price $325
1 sold, 2 left!
They are as fabulous as they look! Email me HERE to set up time to look at them!

Tomorrow is Watch for it Wednesday on our FACEBOOK page...we offer one item per week for a great price, so like us and check in every Wednesday...the first one to post sold gets the item!

Baking, cleaning and re-arranging in my own house today! It's a great day!
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lockers, Racks and Cabinet for purchase...

Okay, my goal is to get all my inventory on line this week, so get ready for lots of posts of what is currently in the barn! It may be just what you have been looking for!
Red Double Lockers
Height: 5Ft
Width: 2 Ft
Depth: 1 Ft
Price: $150
The color on these lockers is great! Love the red!

Double Grey Mesh Lockers
Height: 6 ft
Width: 2 ft
Depth: 15"
Price: $135
These would be great to paint a bright, fun color!
White/Grey Shoe Display Rack
Height: 50"
Length: 38"
Depth: 14"
Price: $125
These shoe display racks look great in a kitchen as open shelves, or used in a clothing store with folded clothes on them!
Green Shoe Display Rack
Height: 55"
Length: 43"
Depth: 13"
Price: $ 150
I love the old caster wheels on this piece!

 Primitive Wooden Cabinet with bead board doors
Height: 50"
Length: 30"
Depth: 18"
Price: $ 125
Bonus: This piece has great storage!

Check out other great pieces under the FOR PURCHASE tab at the top of the blog!
Email me Here if you have any questions!
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Customers share their ideas...

For using the vintage pieces that they purchased at the barn! First of all, thank-you all for sending me your pictures of how you are using your vintage finds in your homes! I am so encouraged and glad you love your items...Keep sending me pictures, you are inspiring us all!
Shelia used her shutters for this cute "family" project! Great for any party!
Shelia also used this window frame from the barn and jazzed it up! Darling!

 Stacy G. turned this red enamel table side into a shelf in her kitchen! Love!
Patsy got this darling metal bottom shelf from the barn as a birthday gift from her daugher-in-love! It looks super Patsy!
 Christy used the letters and vintage FORD hubcap to decorate her little boy's nursery...she is using an vintage auto shop theme! (did you notice the magnets are keys?) Cute!
Stacy B. used her black buttons from the barn to make this cute letter B! Wonderful!

 Sheri loved her birdcage stand she bought awhile back and uses it to decorate for all and any occasion! She also purchased that chandelier and metal candleholder from the barn...This party looks like quite a treat!
Here she used the same birdcage stand and different metal candle holder to set the them for an Italian date night! Very fun idea!
And one more...Sheri also purchased this darling little suitcase from me and has used it in many of her decorating adventures...

Thanks friends for all the inspiration! 
Happy Friday!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 fun green finds...for sale!

 Here are 2 more pieces from the barn...This is a buffet/cabinet made in Scotland. It has great in-lay wood doors and the original green tiles on the top...below is a closer picture of both details!
Scottish Green Tile Buffet
Height: 30"
Length: 4 ft
Depth: 22"
Price $295
 This is such a fun piece! A metal medical cabinet probably out of a doctor's office. It has glass front, pull down shelves like Lawyer's style book case. There is also a top piece that fits on and hangs over the edge a bit...
This picture shows the truer color of the cabinet...a very pretty green/gray metal. Also, the bottom piece of glass needs to be cleaned ( sorry about the dirt) Just real life when you sell out of a barn!

Metal Medical Cabinet
Height: 42.5"
Length: 35"
Depth: 11"
Price $275

Prices do not include tax. Any questions?
Email me here.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Pine and 2 GREAT tables...

 Here's a few more pieces we currently have for sale. I love old pine pieces and this is a great one! This is a dresser, but could be used in an entry way, as a buffet, or under a flat screen. It is truly a multipurpose piece!

This dresser has 4 drawers, new hardware on the top drawer and like most older pieces, the drawers slide a bit tough, but she looks great! The drawers are dovetailed also...

Old Pine Dresser
Height: 3'1"
Length: 3'2"
Depth: 16.5"
Price: $350
 Next up is this fun, red worktable/desk...You can see it has one drawer in the front and the paint is worn is some spots...

Here is the back side...Again, lots of potential with this piece!

Red Desk Table
Height: 31"
Length: 58"
Depth: 30"
Price $150

 This is a fabulous table...I can't believe it has not gone home with someone yet...but maybe you are the one it's been waiting for! This is a harvest style all wood dining/craft/game table with some GREAT colors on it!

 The top has red, a little yellow, 2 shades of blue with white paint over the top...This is the original distressing that you can't make up...time has worn away the paint and given it this wonderful look!

Here are the details!

White/Blue Harvest Table
Height: 30"
Depth: 29"
Length: 6' 11.5" ( almost 7ft)
Price $395
Any questions? Want to see it in person?
Contact me here!

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