Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 fun green finds...for sale!

 Here are 2 more pieces from the barn...This is a buffet/cabinet made in Scotland. It has great in-lay wood doors and the original green tiles on the top...below is a closer picture of both details!
Scottish Green Tile Buffet
Height: 30"
Length: 4 ft
Depth: 22"
Price $295
 This is such a fun piece! A metal medical cabinet probably out of a doctor's office. It has glass front, pull down shelves like Lawyer's style book case. There is also a top piece that fits on and hangs over the edge a bit...
This picture shows the truer color of the cabinet...a very pretty green/gray metal. Also, the bottom piece of glass needs to be cleaned ( sorry about the dirt) Just real life when you sell out of a barn!

Metal Medical Cabinet
Height: 42.5"
Length: 35"
Depth: 11"
Price $275

Prices do not include tax. Any questions?
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