Friday, May 11, 2012

Customers share their ideas...

For using the vintage pieces that they purchased at the barn! First of all, thank-you all for sending me your pictures of how you are using your vintage finds in your homes! I am so encouraged and glad you love your items...Keep sending me pictures, you are inspiring us all!
Shelia used her shutters for this cute "family" project! Great for any party!
Shelia also used this window frame from the barn and jazzed it up! Darling!

 Stacy G. turned this red enamel table side into a shelf in her kitchen! Love!
Patsy got this darling metal bottom shelf from the barn as a birthday gift from her daugher-in-love! It looks super Patsy!
 Christy used the letters and vintage FORD hubcap to decorate her little boy's nursery...she is using an vintage auto shop theme! (did you notice the magnets are keys?) Cute!
Stacy B. used her black buttons from the barn to make this cute letter B! Wonderful!

 Sheri loved her birdcage stand she bought awhile back and uses it to decorate for all and any occasion! She also purchased that chandelier and metal candleholder from the barn...This party looks like quite a treat!
Here she used the same birdcage stand and different metal candle holder to set the them for an Italian date night! Very fun idea!
And one more...Sheri also purchased this darling little suitcase from me and has used it in many of her decorating adventures...

Thanks friends for all the inspiration! 
Happy Friday!
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  1. So great to see how customers are using their treasures! Love the shutter idea!


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