Friday, May 4, 2012

Inventory for sale!

I get this question often...Do you have any (fill in the blank) for sale at the barn? So, I just decided to put the larger pieces on-line for you to see....maybe you'll fine just what you have been looking for! All of these pieces are currently for sale! Please email me for additional questions or if you want would like to see the piece in person! I have several more posts, so check back often!

Decorative Wood Cabinet with Rose Inserts
Height: 6' 5"
Width: 3' 1''
Depth: 1' 4"
Price: $345

This pretty wood cabinet has pressed wood rose inserts, the upper cabinet is fitted for a TV with white paint on the inside. There are 2 drawers and plenty of storage below with the inside of cabinet painted red! 
This piece also has a architectural header that has been added...

Oak Vanity Dresser
Height: 6'1''
Width: 3'5''
Depth: 1' 6"
Price: $250

This sweet vanity dresser is made of oak, it has curvy front drawers and a swivel mirror...It is in fair condition. It has nice detail and would be a great piece to paint also!

Nice Wardrobe
Height: 6'2"
Width: 3'3"
Depth: 1'3"
Price: $345

This is a nice primitive wardrobe, probably hand made using different pieces of oak and pine. The inside has 2 metal coat racks and book rack below. This wardrobe is not very deep making a perfect for smaller place...great storage also!

Inquires, please email me @

I'll be happy to help you however I can!

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  1. All of those pieces have great details for painting!


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