Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lockers, Racks and Cabinet for purchase...

Okay, my goal is to get all my inventory on line this week, so get ready for lots of posts of what is currently in the barn! It may be just what you have been looking for!
Red Double Lockers
Height: 5Ft
Width: 2 Ft
Depth: 1 Ft
Price: $150
The color on these lockers is great! Love the red!

Double Grey Mesh Lockers
Height: 6 ft
Width: 2 ft
Depth: 15"
Price: $135
These would be great to paint a bright, fun color!
White/Grey Shoe Display Rack
Height: 50"
Length: 38"
Depth: 14"
Price: $125
These shoe display racks look great in a kitchen as open shelves, or used in a clothing store with folded clothes on them!
Green Shoe Display Rack
Height: 55"
Length: 43"
Depth: 13"
Price: $ 150
I love the old caster wheels on this piece!

 Primitive Wooden Cabinet with bead board doors
Height: 50"
Length: 30"
Depth: 18"
Price: $ 125
Bonus: This piece has great storage!

Check out other great pieces under the FOR PURCHASE tab at the top of the blog!
Email me Here if you have any questions!
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  1. Lots of great treasures Jodi - I bet you'll get some takers!!

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