Monday, May 28, 2012

More for sale!

Have a seat..this is a long post! Lots of neat pieces for sale!
This library table is painted in a great lively green, it has one drawer and a book rest on the bottom! It would make a super desk or sofa table...lots of uses for this one!
Fun Green Library Table
Height: 30"
Length: 42"
Width: 26"
Price: $175  
 This is a very nice French style wooden Hutch...It has screened in door panels, lots of drawer spaces and is in 2 pieces for easy moving! Great this way, but wonderful to paint also!
 Close up of the top...
And the bottom...great details, wonderful shape!
French Cabinet Hutch
Height: 6'
Length: 41.5"
Depth: 18"
Price: $425
I love this barn door turned has an original red barn door with a black base and legs... It is nice to use as dining or craft would also look great on the back porch! Notice how long it is!
Barn Door Table
Height: 30"
Length: 7' 4"
depth: 22"
Price: $350
* The bench has been sold.
 French style buffet or chest of drawers, however you want to use it would be fine! I personally think it would look classy under a flat screen tv. It is in nice shape and has pretty wood on the top and drawers!
French Drawers
Height: 34"
Length: 4'1"
Width: 2'
Price: $295

These plate racks are difficult to find and this oak one is simple with nice clean lines and cup hooks!
Oak Plate Rack
Height: 28"
Length: 44"
Width; 4.5"
Price: $175
 This oak pedestal table comes with one leaf, but more could be added. This price is for the table only. It is a solid table with a pretty base also!
Here's a better few of the top! This is a perfect table for 4, but could sit 6 also.
Oak Pedestal Table
Height: 30"
Length: 54" (with leaf)
Leaf is 11.5"
Width: 42"
Price: $ 325
 This is a fabulous part of Americana...a wooden tool trunk called a Victory Chest because of our success in WWII. The folks painted their trunks in red, white and blue as a symbol of victory in war!
The inside is painted also and comes with 2 wooden tool boxes also! This is a true antique!
Victory Trunk
Height: 18"
Width: 26"
Length: 41"
Price: $350
 This is such a fun piece...An oak wash stand with 2 drawers and room for 2 wash basins and pitchers. There is also a towel holder on both sides of the piece! The pictures don't do this piece justice!
Here you can see the towel holders!
Oak Washstand
Height: 39"
Length: 41"
Width: 20"
Price: $395
 I really like this red one time it was a pull out bed, but has since been upholstered shut. It is a solid ( heavy!) has pretty detailing and in good shape...imagine it with some great new fabric!
Here's a closeup of the side trim.
Red Bench
Height: 30"
Length: 6.5"
Width: 27"
Price: $295 
 Grey linen trunk or hope chest! I painted this with chalk paint in Paris Grey and Old White...
 It is cedar lined...very nice quality!
Here's a closeup of the great details...
Grey Hope Chest
Height: 22"
Length: 45"
Depth: 20"
Price: $245
 Here's a darling grey and white nightstand...3 drawers for bonus storage with glass knobs!
Pretty details on this piece as well! This is a solid, sturdy piece of furniture and grey is the "new neutral!"
Grey & White Nightstand
Height: 27"
Length: 26"
Width: 18"
Price: $ 145 

Whew! That's all for today...any questions? Please email me here!
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