Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Pine and 2 GREAT tables...

 Here's a few more pieces we currently have for sale. I love old pine pieces and this is a great one! This is a dresser, but could be used in an entry way, as a buffet, or under a flat screen. It is truly a multipurpose piece!

This dresser has 4 drawers, new hardware on the top drawer and like most older pieces, the drawers slide a bit tough, but she looks great! The drawers are dovetailed also...

Old Pine Dresser
Height: 3'1"
Length: 3'2"
Depth: 16.5"
Price: $350
 Next up is this fun, red worktable/desk...You can see it has one drawer in the front and the paint is worn is some spots...

Here is the back side...Again, lots of potential with this piece!

Red Desk Table
Height: 31"
Length: 58"
Depth: 30"
Price $150

 This is a fabulous table...I can't believe it has not gone home with someone yet...but maybe you are the one it's been waiting for! This is a harvest style all wood dining/craft/game table with some GREAT colors on it!

 The top has red, a little yellow, 2 shades of blue with white paint over the top...This is the original distressing that you can't make up...time has worn away the paint and given it this wonderful look!

Here are the details!

White/Blue Harvest Table
Height: 30"
Depth: 29"
Length: 6' 11.5" ( almost 7ft)
Price $395
Any questions? Want to see it in person?
Contact me here!

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  1. Love that Harvest Table Jodi - that would be great for my future house - too bad it's like 4 years away!

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