Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A much improved Before & After!

Well, there's no reason that storage can't be cute! So a painting I went....
She started out like this...AKA boring! I asked whether or not I should paint it on FB and I got an overwhelming YES!!! So glad that they all agreed!

 I used Chalk Paint...good Old White and Duck Egg...I really think this is my favorite combination so far...
I even painted the inside doors...Sorry for the pictures! As usual, I was in a rush!
 I'm partying with these folks today! 
Go ahead...check out their blogs too!!!!

Happy Wednesday!
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Finds and a blue piece for sale!

 Happy Friday Ya'll! First of all, I'm just showing off a few of my finds from our recent beach trip...I looked hard for good places to shop, but mostly found tourist shops...I did manage to find these leather bound books circa 1800's...cute roses pieces and this darling green organizer!
 One more shot of the green carrier...what would you put in it?

 Here's is one more piece of furniture that I have for purchase... This is a two piece darling shelf with drawers...perfect for display and storage...It is chalk painted in Old white and Louis blue and lightly distressed! It's a nice size for that small space!

Here's a picture of the whole piece together....
French Blue Cabinet
Height: 6'
Depth: 18"
Length: 41.5"
Price: $145
Hope your weekend is wonderful and restful!
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Monday, June 11, 2012

A harvest table & Party!

 After all these years of looking and selling lots of great farm style tables, I finally found one for my house! I originally bought it to sell at the barn, but then thought I'll just try it in the house...and it fit perfectly!
This was the table we had been using...for 8 long was sufficient,but not inspiring. Can't you feel my pain??? Functional, but UGLY!
 Now I know some of you are saying, REALLY? You liked this one better? But alas, it's true! I love the character, the chunky legs, the painted top ( it came out of a tomato shed - the top)! I quickly sold the other table and had to get some chairs out of the barn....That barn really comes in handy some times!

Now, for the precious, wonderful mom was having a birthday and instead of going out to lunch ( she doesn't like to eat out? Who knows?) we had a salad luncheon at my house and I got to decorate my new table! Can you guess her favorite color???
 I also used hankies and jars from the barn, used little picture frames for name place tags and added some chocolate...
 I love hydranga's...and my sweet neighbor (since I can't seem to grow them!) let me use some of hers!
 I had to use my game table too to get all the ladies seated!

 We had a really sweet time...
 I also added some black and white photos her growing up....
 Can you guess her age? She sure doesn't look it!

It was a sweet, memorable day!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Taking a blogging break...

Heading here to rest, laugh, relax, and just enjoy this time with my family...

I might come back....
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