Monday, July 30, 2012

It's all in the HaRdWaRe!

Before and After's...they are one of my favorite things...To take a forgotten piece and with a little time, love, patience and PAINT turn it into something usable and fun once again...and so goes this piece!

Tired and worn...right?

 I didn't get too far out on paint color...classy and black seemed to fit her just fine!
 Just ignore the messy always looks like a "junk tornado" went off in there!
 I really think updating the hardware makes all the difference!
Hardware is often in need of a change...BUT buying all new can get expensive, especially if you are painting to re-sale, so here are some of my favorite products to use!

 Rust-oleum! I could be their spokes person...well, not really, but I do love their products! On this hardware I used the Metallic silver, just one coat will cover easily. Then I thought the silver was a tad too bright, so I used some dark wax to take the shine off and then finished with Rust-oleum Polyurethane clear finish. Don't skip the clear coat, it holds the silver paint on!
Here's a close up! 
Do you have a great products for "saving" hardware? Please share it so, I would love to know!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Pickin'

COLORADO - IN THE SUMMER - doesn't it just make you cooler saying those words??? Well, this Texas gal sure likes spending time up in those mountains and recently that is where we went on a little family vacation. Our friends were throwing a FUN, white tent, Cowgirl singing, BARBEQUE, finger-lickin' good old time field party to celebrate 50 years of family ranching, soooo, of course - We HAD to go!
 Rebekah got in on the action...She's a farm girl at heart! Truly, I don't know where she got her love for animals, but she thought the best part of the trip was feeding this baby calf named "little one." 

After the party, our friend said me -
"I thought you might like to look around in the barns and see what you can find."
HUM...Let me think about that for 0 seconds! YES!!!!!
You know I jumped in there just as fast as my tennies could carry me...
 This was Barn #1... Their oldest barn with ranch logo on it!
Shed #1....
I know it just looks like farm equipment, but you never know where treasures abound!!!
Leave no shed untouched!!!
And there was some good industrial items in there, but they were staying at the ranch.
 There was a "graveyeard" behind the barn...I just couldn't resist taking a few shots.....

I really, really, really LOVED this orange truck. 
What I would do with it...NO IDEA, but it was very cool!
 Barn #2 - I know what you are thinking...she didn't go in there! OH, YES I DID!
And the last one...
TREASURE ABOUNDED in here...I could have whatever I could take - very kind of them...
I considered renting a u-haul, but in the end, decided to leave most of the items til our next visit!
I did take one piece's not together yet, but I think it will look great in the barn!
I'll post a picture later!

ALSO, We reached 100+ followers!!!
Watch for a GIVEAWAY SOON!!!!!

Until next time,
Happy Pickin' to you!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

RED Please! ( Part #2)

Okay, back to Stacy's house for the second half of the tour...ready?
 Now we are starting in her dining room...sweet red wallpaper and lots more red!
 I like how she turned this corner shelf and made it work another way!
 Hankies for window treatments...

 More sweet collections...
 Now, on to her home schooling room... Ready, READ!
She used red, black and yellow to create a room where you can't wait to learn!

 Her desk...

 Yes, even the school bathroom is cute!

 Hand painted on the wall...

See the yellow? Those are tickets, the kind you buy on the roll...they make a cute tablecloth also!
Don't you want to go to school here?
 Upstairs...the hang out room...records make a great boarder around the room and the black really anchors the whole space.
Lots of vintage sports and games on the walls!
 And here is the entrance into her son's room...real wood, painted barn red, It was my favorite thing in her whole house...( not because I like barns or anything!)

 Gladewater, TX rodeo poster with his grandfather's name on the program! Now that is cool!
I enjoyed her WHOLE house! Haven't you???
Best of all, it's not just a house, it's a home! 
Thank-you Stacy for the peek and so sorry my pictures didn't do your home justice!

Hugs, Jodi

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

RED RED she SAID! (part #1)

You all know by now that I like seeing how everyday people use Vintage items in their homes, so when I was out recently I asked my friend Stacy to "show off" her home to me! So, sit back and see how creative she is and how her LOVE of red and all things PLAID gets an honored place in her home!
 First up is her wonderful and large entry way...She has the entryway we all want! Wide wooden floors, tall ceilings and LOTS of places to show off her treasures.... She has an eye for display too, so look closely to take it all in....
 It makes you want to stand and stare awhile to see all her fun collections...
 Her is a painting inherited from grandma!
 I love all her Plaid items...and they look great all together!
Now I thought this was really creative, she bought these iron pieces from the barn, sprayed them black and used them as decorative railing at the end of the entry way!
Next up, is her happy and cheerful kitchen! She had just built this work station, ( yes, She's very handy too!) out of a folding shutter door and door parts. The bottom shutter she can pull up and use for extra serving space when she is entertaining also. The next picture shows the door up! And check out all her storage!
 Love those black letters from the barn...I've had fun seeing how alot of you are using those lately too!
 And of course, more room on top for more small treasures...
 She also likes cherries, sweet!
 If you have "liked" us on FB, you have seen these cute shelves before...These were parts of enamel table sides that you would pull out to extend your table. She added brackets and mounted as shelves on the wall!

 I know, you all want to shop on those shelves right?
Every space is used and well organized!
 Even her pantry and laundry room where cute!

Plaid appears again in the bath,
along with this vintage carrom board!

Okay, that is only the first 4 rooms, wait til you see the rest!
Thanks for all the inspiration Stacy!

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