Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Pickin'

COLORADO - IN THE SUMMER - doesn't it just make you cooler saying those words??? Well, this Texas gal sure likes spending time up in those mountains and recently that is where we went on a little family vacation. Our friends were throwing a FUN, white tent, Cowgirl singing, BARBEQUE, finger-lickin' good old time field party to celebrate 50 years of family ranching, soooo, of course - We HAD to go!
 Rebekah got in on the action...She's a farm girl at heart! Truly, I don't know where she got her love for animals, but she thought the best part of the trip was feeding this baby calf named "little one." 

After the party, our friend said me -
"I thought you might like to look around in the barns and see what you can find."
HUM...Let me think about that for 0 seconds! YES!!!!!
You know I jumped in there just as fast as my tennies could carry me...
 This was Barn #1... Their oldest barn with ranch logo on it!
Shed #1....
I know it just looks like farm equipment, but you never know where treasures abound!!!
Leave no shed untouched!!!
And there was some good industrial items in there, but they were staying at the ranch.
 There was a "graveyeard" behind the barn...I just couldn't resist taking a few shots.....

I really, really, really LOVED this orange truck. 
What I would do with it...NO IDEA, but it was very cool!
 Barn #2 - I know what you are thinking...she didn't go in there! OH, YES I DID!
And the last one...
TREASURE ABOUNDED in here...I could have whatever I could take - very kind of them...
I considered renting a u-haul, but in the end, decided to leave most of the items til our next visit!
I did take one piece's not together yet, but I think it will look great in the barn!
I'll post a picture later!

ALSO, We reached 100+ followers!!!
Watch for a GIVEAWAY SOON!!!!!

Until next time,
Happy Pickin' to you!

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  1. Oh I'm so jealous - hunting in barns and sheds for treasure - you lucky girl!


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