Thursday, July 12, 2012

RED Please! ( Part #2)

Okay, back to Stacy's house for the second half of the tour...ready?
 Now we are starting in her dining room...sweet red wallpaper and lots more red!
 I like how she turned this corner shelf and made it work another way!
 Hankies for window treatments...

 More sweet collections...
 Now, on to her home schooling room... Ready, READ!
She used red, black and yellow to create a room where you can't wait to learn!

 Her desk...

 Yes, even the school bathroom is cute!

 Hand painted on the wall...

See the yellow? Those are tickets, the kind you buy on the roll...they make a cute tablecloth also!
Don't you want to go to school here?
 Upstairs...the hang out room...records make a great boarder around the room and the black really anchors the whole space.
Lots of vintage sports and games on the walls!
 And here is the entrance into her son's room...real wood, painted barn red, It was my favorite thing in her whole house...( not because I like barns or anything!)

 Gladewater, TX rodeo poster with his grandfather's name on the program! Now that is cool!
I enjoyed her WHOLE house! Haven't you???
Best of all, it's not just a house, it's a home! 
Thank-you Stacy for the peek and so sorry my pictures didn't do your home justice!

Hugs, Jodi

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