Friday, August 31, 2012

Ruff and Tuff

 This little dresser and I did not start out on good all. Do you re-finishers out there ever have pieces like this? It just took me forever to get it done...
 You can spot some issues...paint needs to be stripped and the mahogany stain is hard to paint over, unless you use black. I had already decided I wanted to try COCO ( AS chalk paint) and Old at it I went...

 After stripping and sanding the top, I did paint it, but it  took way more coats than usual because the "red" in Mahogany kept coming thru the paint...Even though I was using Chalk Paint which usually covers well in only 1 coat... ( mu patience was wearing thin.) I think I was having "one of those days" when I just wanted to get something accomplished!

 But after several coats of paint and dark wax I think she turned out pretty good!
 COCO paint color is growing on me...I might just use this same color combination on a desk too!
Thankfully, It's not got a red based stain on it!
 Detail. Up close.
Overall, I'm pleased...but did I mention I have her twin dresser also???
She looks completely different! I went for some color...I'll post that saga soon!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Some great shopping headed for a barn near you!!!

Notice our 2 early shopping times...
just to make it easier and less congested to for you!

More details to come!!!!

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Friday, August 24, 2012


Circa 1900's. Dentist chair. Missing one arm, but still completely COOL. For sale in Oct.
I could not pass it up.
What do you think? Like? Dislike?

Either way, TGIF!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


(From the Message)

These verses recently hit me like a brick,... like in a stop me in my tracks kind of way!

I'll tell you why...

As a follower of Jesus, wife, mom, daughter, aunt, sister, daugther-in-law, bible study leader, business owner, ( in charge of marketing, junking, painting, styling, hauling, photography,...)
and an TYPE A personality, I want it all to be done in a A+++ PERFECT way.

And friends, that is just not possible.

I am not and can not be good at everything, BUT i want to be.
And that's the problem...
I start looking around at others, ...others who do all the things I do, but better.

And then I start comparing myself to them and WHAM - there goes my Joy and in comes dissatisfaction, 
there goes Peace and in comes jealousy, and the list goes on.

But that's not what Jesus says...

He says ( my words), Jodi do the best you can with the talents and skills I gave you,
 Know you are Mine and I have work for you to do, 
so get to it, BUT don't be impressed, and don't compare!
You keep your eyes on yourself and do the best you can for ME and that's enough.
Ps. And I'll take care of all the rest.

And when I read these words, I can breathe...and back comes joy, peace, contentment...

He's got it, the pressure is off because He will lead me, and I can just follow.

So these are my our verses...Yes, I'll share them with you!

I'm going to read these words EVERY DAY.
and BELIEVE them.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

It could be yours!

The brand new, NOT YET ON THE SHELVES, wonderful, exciting, chalked full of new ideas...
latest Flea Market Style Magazine!

When we get to 1200 "likes" on Facebook, we'll give it away!

So like us HERE!

If you just can't wait, you can order one or two or three copies from
my friend Margo HERE!

Happy Monday!
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome to....

Annabel's house!

Are you up for a treat today? It is Friday after all and raining (thankfully) at my house, 
so pull up a chair and check out her classic style of wood, white and BLUE!
Gracious living at it's best!

Welcome to the kitchen! She and her hubby recently updated this space and  you can see she is very current with her mix of brick, industrial elements, granite, VINTAGE items, and of course BLUE!
 I loved her idea of using vintage tea cups for measuring cups...
It looks like she has already been baking this morning...

 I really thought this was FUN...Just select you cup and enjoy your morning coffee! I believe she told me the rack came form and East Coast auction and she bought it for a song!
 Just FYI...It was around the 4th of July when I was there...Hence the flags! 
I loved her mix again of antique pine table, slip covered covered chairs, and ironstone...
 And now you'll start to see some of her amazing collection of blue and white...
Sorry, Annabel for such bad pictures, but I loved this space, so I am sharing them anyhow!
She has a window seat, which looks out to an inclosed patio with built in shelves all around it. 
Decorating TIP:
Built in are perfect for collections and fun to change for the seasons!

On to the living room...Perfect picture in here!

 She uses lots of slipcovers and loves them for easy use and washing...even with GRAND KIDS!

  Decorating TIP:
When you are hanging plates and platters, always start with the largest ones and work out from there. It is also helpful to layout your arrangement on the floor and play around with placement before you get lots of nail holes in the wall!
 Again, bad photographer!!! I must do better....

More blue in the shelves by the fireplace!

 I really liked this piece...great for display and storage....

 Maybe it's an old Silk fabric display...She bought it from a man's clothing store and they showed ties in it!

She used it for storing all her table linens!
I know, you all want it!!!ME TOO!
 Now on to the sun room where she does mix in some green and yellow...
 Another great Majolica plate arrangement...
 She only collects green and yellow and together those colors make a great statement!
 You might recognize my "model" and can you guess what Annabel's favorite drink might be?
** She bought that awesome slip covered chair from our last Barn sale!**
 This is my spot...looking at the pool, reading my favorite book...OHHHH!
Blue, green, dogs...LOVE!
 Just a few more favorite things...this cow painting...the colors are wonderful!
You just can't get colors like this on new paintings!
 INVEST in old oil paintings...they hold their value!

Wonderful display piece...traded from a friend!

 I do want to point out she painted her walls RED! 
The blue looks great with that red the strong back ground color.

 Her treasures...wonderfully displayed for all to see!

One last shot ...She used a vintage window screen as a background for a hanging succulent garden...
Simple and pretty!

Thank-YOU Annabel, for opening your home to me and the readers!
It was a treat INDEED!

Happy Weekend to you all!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double the FUN & Burlap Pillows!

A pair. LOVE! This is after I painted them and they are stacked, but they look sort of cool that way!
Don't you love the bonus book holders on the bottom?

Here is before...I just sanded the tops down.
Then Old White chalk paint swoops down for the rescue!

 Cute details...little cottage or girly...just the type of thing I enjoy painting...
Wouldn't they look great by twin beds?
Thanks for making such fun paint Annie and so easy to use!

By the way...I'm having a sale on these burlap and linen pillows today HERE.
Stop on by and check out the prices...HALF off today!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Make OVER Monday!

Do you ever buy something and you think it looks great...however, the longer you look at it and and longer it sits in your inventory, the more you realize it needs some HELP!
Well that was the case with this table....

I know you can spot the problem right contrast in the metal base and the brown shelves. You can see someone was super creative and used a sewing machine base and added a wooden top and shelf. I think it is a fun and interesting table, but a tad DULL!

So, out comes the paint...

I just painted the brown shelves with a great red paint, distressed it a bit and put a sealer on it.
Now you can see the metal detail so much better and I'm hoping that will get her SOLD!
And it only took about 2 hours to do the whole makeover!

 Have some inventory that is dusty?
Try to look at it in a new light. Maybe ask a friend for her opinion...
And once you have a plan, do it...go for the update! 
A fast way to make a $ in this business is to keep new inventory coming into your space/shop 
and sometimes we have to get creative with what we already own!
And NO BUYER gets it right every time - that what garage sales are for!

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