Monday, August 13, 2012

Make OVER Monday!

Do you ever buy something and you think it looks great...however, the longer you look at it and and longer it sits in your inventory, the more you realize it needs some HELP!
Well that was the case with this table....

I know you can spot the problem right contrast in the metal base and the brown shelves. You can see someone was super creative and used a sewing machine base and added a wooden top and shelf. I think it is a fun and interesting table, but a tad DULL!

So, out comes the paint...

I just painted the brown shelves with a great red paint, distressed it a bit and put a sealer on it.
Now you can see the metal detail so much better and I'm hoping that will get her SOLD!
And it only took about 2 hours to do the whole makeover!

 Have some inventory that is dusty?
Try to look at it in a new light. Maybe ask a friend for her opinion...
And once you have a plan, do it...go for the update! 
A fast way to make a $ in this business is to keep new inventory coming into your space/shop 
and sometimes we have to get creative with what we already own!
And NO BUYER gets it right every time - that what garage sales are for!

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