Tuesday, August 21, 2012


(From the Message)

These verses recently hit me like a brick,... like in a stop me in my tracks kind of way!

I'll tell you why...

As a follower of Jesus, wife, mom, daughter, aunt, sister, daugther-in-law, bible study leader, business owner, ( in charge of marketing, junking, painting, styling, hauling, photography,...)
and an TYPE A personality, I want it all to be done in a A+++ PERFECT way.

And friends, that is just not possible.

I am not and can not be good at everything, BUT i want to be.
And that's the problem...
I start looking around at others, ...others who do all the things I do, but better.

And then I start comparing myself to them and WHAM - there goes my Joy and in comes dissatisfaction, 
there goes Peace and in comes jealousy, and the list goes on.

But that's not what Jesus says...

He says ( my words), Jodi do the best you can with the talents and skills I gave you,
 Know you are Mine and I have work for you to do, 
so get to it, BUT don't be impressed, and don't compare!
You keep your eyes on yourself and do the best you can for ME and that's enough.
Ps. And I'll take care of all the rest.

And when I read these words, I can breathe...and back comes joy, peace, contentment...

He's got it, the pressure is off because He will lead me, and I can just follow.

So these are my our verses...Yes, I'll share them with you!

I'm going to read these words EVERY DAY.
and BELIEVE them.

Sharing with the cowgirls today!
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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post....This is so me!
    I want EVERYTHING to be perfect, even other people's lives. doesn't work that way and I'm not in control...
    I needed this today.

  2. Preach it, sista~ Wonderful words for all of us to think on.

    1. Thanks friend!!!! I know you will hold me accountable to this!

  3. So true Jodi - I'm the same way and certainly need that reminder! It's silly some of the things I worry about - I mean really do they comment on how many Followers your blog had at your funeral? Thanks for the great post my friend!

    1. I know Stephanie...It's really DUMB! Glad we can keep each other on the right track!

  4. Last year I made the resolution to stop comparing myself to others. I quit looking at how much they were selling or how many followers they had and my joy is so much more now. Every so often the old feelings creep in and I just remind myself that I'm not going there. I refocus my attention to the nitch I've been given and just accept what God brings my way. It's a hard thing, but definitely worth reminding oneself of and attempting to follow. I love the verse you have shown. I have a favorite saying, "If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself."
    Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Like that QUOTE...Thanks for sharing! Comparison is the THIEF of JOY! Now we can remind each other!


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