Thursday, September 6, 2012

What do you say to ORANGE?

 I was ready for a change...ready to paint in a different, maybe even WILD color ( for me!)
I was looking at blogs one day and saw a darling dresser painted entirely in orange and needless to say, I got inspired! But I wasn't sure about the whole piece being orange, so I stained the top and drawers dark.

 I even painted the hardware... It think it makes the orange color stand out better...I spray painted the hardware orange, distressed them some, then used dark wax, and then used a spray sealer.
Here is the "before" and yes, It is the twin to the dresser in my last post!

 Sometimes when I paint in a new color or want to try out a different wax or sealer finish, I paint a frame in the same color first. See the orange frame above...I wanted to try the dark wax on it before I tried it on my dresser... I liked it this time, so dark wax it was!
 The top of the dresser has a nice "worn" look to's not perfect, but I really like the "look" on this piece.
Have you tried any new paint colors or finishes recently? I wanted some pumpkins for the pictures,but could not find any real ones in the stores yet! Maybe the color will get you in the mood for fall! (and possibly even Football if you live in TEXAS, says this AGGIE!)

Cooler days are straight ahead!
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  1. What a fun little piece. good for you for taking a risk with orange, it looks fantastic!

  2. I'm loving the orange! Hmm... What do I have that I can paint orange?
    Great Job!!!

  3. Love it. My fav colors are the autumn pallet so this is right up my ally.

  4. Love the orange Jodi! The dark wax makes such a difference - I just tried out the new bold color, Florence from ASCP. And I hate to say it, but that dresser is way more Longhorn than Aggie!!


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