Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Barn around Town!

I'm a buyer at heart, I'll confess! It's really what I like to do and I when I'm out shopping for the barn sales, I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for a good display piece! Display is KEY to selling really anything and having an interesting piece makes all the difference. I know you like to shop at stores where things are presented in an interesting way, so do I!

Because a girl can't keep everything she buys, she has to part with it and really just as much as I love to find and buy it, I really love to see the piece PUT to GOOD USE!

Here are 2 wonderful shops that have bought display pieces from me...I thought I would give them a shout out and show you how these pieces got used!

A fun, new plant/floral shop in Tyler in a brand new, but looks old, shopping center
called The Market!
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Now, don't  you love that metal plant stand - double tiered and all!
It's from the barn!

How about this industrial ladder? It gives height and interest to this corner...It's from the barn!

I also purchased a pair of these wonderful cupola's for the Market overall appearance!
Really, you need to check out all the wonderful shops here!

A great sterling silver jewelry shop here in Tyler...

She purchased this amazing vintage paint ladder from me at the barn!
( I do have a thing for ladders!)

 Doesn't it look great - perfectly displayed for Christmas!

 Really, I hated to give it up, but so glad I can go and visit it and so happy to see it used!
Check out Sterling Grace FB page too!

Are you looking for something for your shop or house?
Shoot me an never know what I have right now in the barn!!!

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  1. LOVE both of those ladders!! I do love to find great display pieces!

  2. Beautiful arrangement of each & everything. I like your style especially ladders piece. Thanks & with love to share information with us. our company made furniture & selling online as demand of peoples.


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