Monday, December 9, 2013

The Jesus Tree Re-posted!


Jesus * Name Above All Names * Ruler Over All * The Door * The Light * Redeemer * Savior* Messiah *
Lion of Judah * Key to Heaven * The Word * Lamb of God * My Song * Emmanuel * Counselor*

And so many more...

This is the JESUS Tree. A tree dedicated to only using the names of Jesus with the ornaments representing that particular name of Jesus. Our list is comprised of 60 names of Jesus with scripture references. We have loved this way of "redeeming" the season of Christmas and learning the wonderful names of Jesus. We sell a set of 60 tags that have a name of Jesus and where that name is found in scripture. You will also receive a 4x6 reference card with all the names and scriptures listed. For example, He is the Door so we used a vintage door knob to represent this name. The fun part is coming up with an ornament/item that represents these names to you and your family.

You will receive a small version of this poster in the set of tags.

These are the set of Jesus Tree Tags.

There are 60 names in our package of tags, so we suggest using a 4-6 ft tree. You can also mix the tags and ornaments in with your regular Christmas tree.

Here are some of our ideas... 

 The Good Shepherd

 Key to Heaven

Rose of Sharon

The Light

Gift of God

Bread of Life

Living Water

Name Above All Names


Prince of Peace

Ruler Over All


We often spell out names of Jesus with scrabble letters also!

Isn't this a great way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, JESUS! After all, we give gifts because God gave us Jesus to the world first.

" For God so loved the world He GAVE His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

These tags have been used in countless ways, here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • As an 3 names and scripture references and hang on the tree each day leading up to Christmas
  • Use them in your Sunday School Class, have the students bring something that represents a name.
  • Hanging the tags on a wreath/tree. They look simple and beautiful with out ornaments also.
  • Use them as gift tags on packages
  • Have a scavenger hunt with your group/family, divide up tags with groups and see what you can find in nature and in the store (Hobby Lobby is a great place to start.)
  • The tags have been used by teachers at Christian schools to teach the names of Jesus. Each student is assigned a name and told to find a ornament that represents that specific name. They all bring the ornaments, read the name and scripture, then decorate the tree with HIS names.
We use them as an advent at our house. Each night before bed, we read the names and look up each Bible reference and talk about how Jesus has been that name this year. This has been such a special way to learn Jesus' names and make Him more real to each of us and keep our family focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

 The Jesus Tree is also a great witness to your unbelieving house guests and friends without ever saying a word. It is a silent testament to WHO you believe in. Wouldn't it be great if this tree/tags started an conversation about Jesus and what He means in your life?

 How have you used the tags? Please share your ideas with us, we would love to know!

Blessings as you seek to know Him better this season,


For Jesus Tree Tags, Ornaments and Tree Toppers, please visit:

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trying some new things...

Can I say it? I was getting tired of painting everything in white and blues...I still love those colors and of course they sell really well! But I had to branch out a bit...

 We got this piece somewhere along the journey...The drawers were long gone! It got a dose of green paint and then my hubby and I topped it with rulers! It was a fun and pretty easy project! I think it would look great with locker baskets or lined baskets in it!

 A perfect piece for a boys or school room...

 Then on this table I added some extra color...It looks better in person that this picture...reminds me of 
Santa Fe!

 I was itching to try out some of the new AS paint colors...English Yellow above with white...

and Graphite below with a stained top...

All will be FOR SALE at our FALL BARN SALE, OCTOBER 16th - 19th!

How about you, tried anything new lately???
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Victoria, B.C.

Vacation. It is a wonderful word.
 In our family, we are not done with one vacation before we are discussing where we are traveling to next. We are blessed that our daughter is such a great traveler too, that really helps. On our last vacation to Washington state, we took a ferry boat and hopped on over to Victoria, British Columbia. It was well worth the pennies!

 The Empress Hotel - there are not words...Lovely, Amazing, Classy. Yes, I wanted to stay. 
Maybe next time.

 B.C. Parliament building. Built by the same architect who designed the Empress Hotel. Every detail was stunning. Highly recommend the free tour.

Just another view. Over 100 years old and looking good.

 We enjoyed the buggy ride around Beacon Hill Park. Our guide was pure sweetness. And our feet were happy to SIT!

 Handsome and I.
 Dad and the Copper Cowgirl. Street performers, I'll stick to my day job.

For family Scottish ties.

 Rebekah fed the fattest seal ever. He's sticking with his day job.

 We took the water taxi. Just because it was FUN.

We loved it and we'll be back...although there are SOOOOOOOO many places to see!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back to blogging and a Surprise!

Okay, now that life has gotten under control,when does that ever really happen? It doesn't!
All that to say, hopefully my blog post will be a little closer together now that summer is here!

One great thing about summer is all the sales! Estate, garage, free on side of road sales...and last month I spotted this little treasure. This is the back pictured, but it was a little white handmade dresser. As I considered purchasing it, I saw that it had ( SURPRISE!) green paint underneath the white. I bought it quickly and couldn't wait to distress it.

 Can you spot of any chippy green paint?

How about now? It sanded off wonderfully...I love it when that happens!

Look at that the green, just FAB! Sometimes, I excited about the silliest stuff.
You can tell it is a handmade piece, the drawers don't quite fit just right, I'm sure that person just used whatever wood they had on hand.

 Vintage Perfection...

Chippy green and white, one of my favorite combo's...I think this little chest would be perfect setting on a work table or craft space. Think of the treasures it could hold! 

I sealed it up and it's off to the barn for the fall sale...maybe it will go home with you!
Thanks for stopping by!
 I always appreciate your thoughts and comments!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Sale Pictures - Finally!

Well, I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up around about you? The good news is school is almost out and I can see summer just around the bend - Yippee for sleeping in, causal days, book reading, vacations, fresh summer veggies, ice get the picture! And speaking of pictures, here are several from the barn...we are already planning the next one, so hope you can join us soon!

Happy Spring!
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