Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painting Again: Before and After!

 What can I say? The projects are piling up and I will get them done!
( at least that is what I'm telling myself!)
 Here she is "before!" I love the dark finish on this piece and the curves she has!

I had fun jazzing her up with Old White and Coco!

She distressed great!
I think this little desk would blend with most and decor and especially go well with all you gals who love whites and neutrals!

Have you painted anything in Coco? What colors do you like to put with it? I would love to know!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hard to get going again!

It's winter...in Texas - which means it gets cold, usually wet enough...and this week we have even had sleet!
I know that is NO BIG DEAL to you NORTHERN people, but us Texans just don't do winter well!

( at least, I don't!)

So, that's my excuse for a slow start to blogging and projects for this new year...

I do have a few to share and lots more in the works, so here's what I done or found so far..

 Found a few sweet lamps...

 A project chair and this AMAZING blue table (original paint included!)
I'm determined to find a spot in my house for the table!

Sweet details...
 I just put a new finish on this cute dresser...

 Love that it has 5 drawers and glass knobs!

 Slightly distressed...

 Almost done with this desk...(don't you just love that Annie Sloan paint?)
Any guess on what colors I used?

I'm convinced this little duckling can turn into a swan some time soon too!

How about you? Do you have projects in the works?
Happy Tuesday!

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