Friday, January 24, 2014

Curbside Chairs

Yes, That's where we found them...on the way to church one Sunday morning. They didn't look quite like this. There was about 5 layers of yucky fabric, covered by some needlepoint seat cushions that once were pretty. I recall that the back piece on one of the chairs was off as well. But after Handsome and Handy got done with them, they were ready for turn. He glued that back piece and cut me new boards for the seats!
I had 2 options of fabric for the chair cushions, both high quality fabrics I had picked up at different sales. I really though they would look great either way, SO I let my Facebook friends vote on their favorite option.

Option A: was to paint the chairs in Old White Chalk Paint by AS and recover the seats in that beautiful woven blue and cream fabric.
Option B: was to clean up the chairs with some new dark stain and recover seats with silky strip fabric.

Overwhelmingly, Option A won by a 2/3 vote. I really thought the paint would win out, BUT when you re-sell you really want to know what style your customers want to buy from you! Anyone agree?

So, off I went to find my paintbrush. Painting these chairs was just what I needed to get me back in the swing of projects! The Spring Barn Sale is coming and I have several large projects to re-store, and these were what I need to get going! I used Old White, with medium distressing. My sweet mom and I tackled the seat with foam, fabric and a staple gun... They look so fresh and ready for another life! Don't you agree?

Just a few close-ups!

I'll also be selling these great sofa table this spring...The plates I just purchased. I really like them, I think they will stay at my house for a bit...but then again, who knows? That's the fun about selling!
And there you go...Curbside chairs get a new lease on LIFE! Truly, one man's trash...

Have a great weekend, and get your paint brush out!

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