Friday, September 26, 2014

Find & Revive: A furniture story

Find. Buy. Re-do.
 That's what I do to most everything piece of furniture I buy it seems. So, I'm used to getting down and dirty with items, but this pair were quite a project.
I really don't have a "first" picture. By the time I took this one, Handy & Handsome had already cut the tops off. I really don't know what these pieces were for orginally, but they had angle wood sides that made us think they were used by an architect. The tops of these pieces were long gone.
H & H had to level the tops first.

These cabinets are very deep and this one had 11 drawers. Yes, the drawers got me!

Told you they were cute!

Cleaning them required the shop vac. Love that piece of equipment.

Once they were cleaned, then H&H cut tops for me.  Then I re-stained the wood sides and fronts. Next up was paint! Chalk Paint (AS) is what I used on these pieces.

I wanted some dark wood to show with the paint as a constrast. I used Cream and Chauteau Grey on this piece...

And added in Duck Egg on this one. I wanted them to compliment each other, but not to match exactly.

Outside shots...not the best light!
After paint, I distressed the paint, and wiped a glaze over the paint for an aging effect.
I used some old hardware that got an update with spray paint and clear sealer.
Are you feeling my pain yet? There were so many steps, coats and sealers...

 After the glaze was dry, I sealed all the painted parts with an antique polyurathane top coat.

And FINALLY, they were finished! Styling is just the "icing on the cake!"

One more thing... The frame with the map in it was my "test" piece. I used all three paint colors on it to see if they would work together. I liked how they turned out, so then I was good to proceed with big pieces! Frames have so many uses and now this one can be sold as a matching accessory to these pieces.

I think these cabinets would be great in craft or family room. The one on the left would be perfect for games, cards, puzzles and such. The one on the right would be great for craft supplies, scrap book paper, stamps, glitter...all those fun little things!
These are truly 2, one-of-a-kind pieces!
I hope whoever buys them enjoyed them for years to come!
What what you use them for?
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